Send Me Your Job Listing!


-Michael Penner, FlexTech Media

I want your job listing, but I know having just one more login account to deal with can be a major turnoff. And clearly CW420 doesn’t have a ton of traffic yet, so why bother?

The good news is you don’t have to maintain an account with CW420 to post a job. You can send me your job posting through this job posting form and that will do the trick. You’ll notice that you can even send me the web address (URL) of a job you’ve posted on another board for duplication on this job board. That way you don’t have enter the job posting yourself yet again.

As long as I have an e-mail address I can use in the system, you’ll get system notifications as well as employment applications along with whatever files the candidate has submitted with the job application . Since job postings are currently free during the beta (using the promo code), there’s nothing else to it.

Your job posting will display above any jobs from aggregate feeds that I’m using right now.

The traffic will increase as I ramp up marketing efforts, or at least that’s the plan! Meanwhile, just know that from the start my goal is to make this one of the easiest job boards you’ve ever used.

If you decide to create an Employer Account (accounts are always free), you’re in for a treat. You’ll get an Employer Dashboard that lets you create jobs, track submitted jobs, track job applications, and review applicant resumes. These videos cover all the features you get.

I’m about to launch some social media, some of which will become additional channels for giving your job postings more exposure.

If you’re worried about security or privacy, I get it. I’ve been building secure WordPress websites since 2009, and offer a service through my company, FlexTech Media, called Site Maintenance and Security Hardening (SMASH). I take security seriously, and that directly relates to your privacy. You can read CW420’s privacy policy here.

Be well, and may the best candidate win!