9 Cannabis Jobs And What They Do


Knowing the core responsibilities that come with any job before applying is only part of the challenge with the cannabis industry. Job descriptions are still evolving as businesses and government regulators create new employment opportunities. In no particular order, here are 9 common jobs in the Cannabis industry, along with a description of what the jobs entail, at least so far.

  • Budtender (Avg $20/hr): AKA Sales Associate, Retail Associate
    Budtenders have an encyclopedic knowledge of cannabis and related products. They assist the customer in making the best choice based on the intended use case. They are the primary interface between the customer and the dispensary. Marijuana is the most important component, but pipes, vapes, and other devices to help use marijuana effectively for the individual need is another aspect of the job. Running cash registers, assisting with inventory control, and updating the relevant documentation round out the day.
  • Store Manager (Avg $52k/annual):
    Implements the company’s vision, manages sales efforts, and establishes the positive, team-building mood that will get the crew through even the most stressful days. There are heavy regulatory aspects to the job, as well as handling HR issues at the store level.
  • Assistant Store Manager (Avg $19/hr): AKA Supervisor.
    This is a delegated role that can include inventory management, patient interaction, patient record keeping, and other facility operations-type activities. The Assistant Store Manager plays a vital supporting role to the Store Manager and can be relied upon to act as a double-check on regulatory issues.
  • Cannabis Trimmer (Avg $19/hr):
    Performs post-harvest cannabis processing activities in compliance with regulations. Cannabis Trimmers prepare the bud for distributors and dispensaries. They trim it and hand it off to the packager.
  • Packager (Avg $15/hr):
    Packaging trimmed marijuana is just one type of packaging job. Other products to be packaged might include concentrates, cartridge fillers, and more.
  • Propagation Associate (Avg $17/hr):
    Manages the development and cloning of strains, and leads new strain development.
  • Sales Representative (B2B) (Avg $90K): aka Sales Account Executive, Account Manager.
    This is usually a Business-to-Business sales position to further a cannabis brand. The compensation varies greatly and by region. Some job listings are north of $200k, while others start at $60k.
  • Accountant (Avg $100k):
    The cannabis industry is a lot like the medical industry when it comes to the heft of regulations that can impact a company’s bottom line. Tax law is also complex in this realm, so a good accountant is critical.
  • Production Lead (Avg $23/hr):
    This position is responsible for keeping the packaging pace going smoothly, monitoring the quality of trimming, and working in a supporting role to the Processing Supervisor or Production Manager.