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To summarize, everything on this website right now is free!

I built this website, which I call CW420 for short, with security and usability in mind. Here at the beginning of February 2023, all the jobs listed are coming in through a feed aggregator. I've implemented features to make listing a job directly with CW420 as easy as possible, with the goal of attracting job postings directly into the website.

You can post a job with or without an account. If you do sign-up for an employer account and post a job, you'll need to use the promo code LEVEL420 to post the job for free.

If you've posted a job at another job board, and you don't want to go through all that again on this job board, I can clone your job posting if you send me the link to the job post. Just select to post a job without an account. The resulting page has a field on it where you can insert the URL to your job post.

This website is designed, owned, and operated by FlexTech Media in Loveland, Colorado.

Happy  job finding!

-Michael Penner
Owner, FlexTech Media

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