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Inside The Industry

9 Cannabis Jobs And What They Do

Knowing the core responsibilities that come with any job before applying is only part of the challenge with the cannabis industry. Job descriptions are still evolving as businesses and government regulators create new employment opportunities. In no particular order, here are 9 common jobs in the Cannabis industry, along with a description of what the…


Cannabis Job Compensation Broad Overview

These are averages. I chose this sampling of jobs because they represent different sides of the product experience and demonstrate the diversity of career paths available. New job categories are created all the time by enterprising people that have found a better way of doing things. It’s still a young industry with lots of room for growth and career diversity ahead.


Booming Cannabis Job Market Constrained By Feds

The legal cannabis industry continues to add jobs rapidly. In 2017 there were 122,200 estimated cannabis industry jobs. By 2022 that estimate increased to 428,000. California ranks first, and Colorado second, in the list of states with the most cannabis industry jobs. In states where marijuana is legal, the tax revenue has been a windfall. But pot is still illegal at the federal level, and it puts serious pressure on legal cannabis business.